Le Potato Docker applications

The goal is to add an MQTT server via docker and a MYSQL database via docker. Currently NexcloudPi is running on Le Potato via docker.

Is there a good set of instructions to arrive at the goal? When Googling how to do something, should I treat LePotato as if it were a rPI4?

Treat Le Potato like a standard PC. Follow standard Ubuntu instructions.

I am trying to install an MQTT broker per these instructions:


docker ps returns:

docker-compose up -d. returns:
bash: docker-compose: command not found

Do I need to reinstall docker?

  1. Use standard Ubuntu instructions rather than Raspberry Pi instructions.
  2. See 1.

Thanks for the reply. per your instructions, I will explore using the Ubuntu OS instead of Raspian.

Please advise why Ubuntu is recommended over Raspbian? Thank you

Apparently, I missed this step:

sudo apt-get install libffi-dev libssl-dev python3-dev python3 python3-pip -y
sudo pip3 install docker-compose

Ubuntu runs standard 64-bit ARMv8 userspace. Raspbian runs a slower compatibility userspace for older ARM architectures (ARMv6) so it is slower.