Le Potato not booting for first time

Hello I’m compleatly new and migth be asking a stupid question.
I got a Le Potato and have tryed to run ubuntu , rasbery pi os but it keeps freezing after showing the log.
EFI stub : Booting Linux Kenel …
EFI stub : Using DTB from configuration table
EFI stub : Exiting boot services …
currently the red and green led are on(not flashing).
Thank you for reading have a nice day

flash tool - win 32 disk imager

What is your monitor make and model?

philips, model - 243S7E

I also tested it on my TV and caused the same problem

Check this: Troubleshooting General Boot Issues

What power supply and MicroSD card are you using? Does verification pass on the MicroSD card.

After it exits boot services, if the blue LED does not do double blinks, it means that Linux kernel did not successfully start for some reason. Usually power or MicroSD card corruption.

thank you
I tried to boot it without a monitor with a headless os and the blue light double blinks I belive it is working now.
The problem probably was that the micro sd card was not hold in place correctly(sanDisk ultura).The first time the sd card was inserted it wasent fixed in place and I had to move it around.

Yes, there should be a click coming from the MicroSD card when it latches in. There is a spring in the mechanism to eject the card easier.

I had the same problem, and it was a cheap micro-usb cable. I guess it was getting some power, just not enough. I had removed everything but power, reflashed the SD card, banged my head against the desk a few times for good measure.

Thanks for the replies.

Hello Mr.Libre,
I have had mistake after mistake, in my lepotato. first note that it was the sd card then it was a bad flashing. Now my lepotato, the red and green led turn on, accompanied by a blinking blue led, reading throughout the forum I found that this was good, but my lepotato still does not give video, I have used 2 different screens and I do not get results. I should mention that I use an HDMI to VGA adapter, could this be the problem?

Yes HDMI to VGA is not supported because VGA is analog. Our boards only support digital HDMI output.