Le Potato Retropie image link out of date?

I’m trying to get a retropie image for my potato. On the retropie site the following link is referenced:

I figured it might’ve been a temporary outage and tried a few days later… still not able to be located - I wondered if anyone might have an idea where I could get this image?

Please use the search function. RetroPie is obsolete and not maintained so we dropped support. Use batocera.Linux.

EmuELEC and Batocera work very well on the Le Potato and are fairly easy to setup. Personally Batocera seems to be a step above, even playing PSP and PSX with ease. Batocera is easy to upgrade themes, menu music, splash screens, bios files, roms and many more personal touches.

Hey! Thank you for the reply, sorry I didn’t catch this sooner. I’ll give batocera a shot.

I appreciate your reply as well JW, I’m thinking I’ll give Batocera a shot first and go from there!