Le potato running Debian 11 won't reboot


I bought a https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074P6BNGZ based on the claimed support for Debian 11 and documentation suggesting it could be made to work with existing Raspberry Pi images (github libre-computer-project/libretech-raspbian-portability). The latter produced an unbootable card, so I’m just trying to get it to work right with its native debian image for now.

First, I got my debian 11 image from AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) SD card images . Is that the image the amazon sales page describes as supported, or is there a different one I should start with?

If that’s the one, here’s my problem: it won’t reboot! It shuts down instead – standard shutdown scroll from systemd, green light goes off, red light remains lit, nothing else happens.

Remove and reconnect power brings it back.


Bill Herrin

Nevermind. Started over from Raspbian 11 Bullseye for Libre Computer Boards and that doesn’t have the problem.