Le Potato V2 Updates

I saw you posted last year that Le Potato v2 is expected sometime after Chinese New Year. I’m personally waiting for POE hat support, any update on when v2 will arrive?

Le Potato V2 will be available in retail at the beginning of April (Q2 2023).


I cant wait.! Anything you can tell me about it and its upgrades?

Is that a no? Im just excited!

There’s no upgrades. It’s a separate product with different features.

  1. PoE header
  2. USB header
  3. SPI NOR
  4. eMMC mounting holes
  5. SD VCC toggle

Will there be a POE hat available for V2? Or will Raspberry Pi’s POE hat hardware work for Le Potato V2?

Yes there is a PoE HAT for V2. It is different than the Pi one.

Hello, is April (Q2 2023) release date still a possibility?

Does anyone have a link of where to buy the PoE hat?