Le-Potato: Where's the Settings for "Wait for Network"


Using the current OS download s905 and I cannot find the Settings for Boot. I need to have it pause until the wifi-network is up.

Where is the setting for this?


What is current OS? Also we don’t have any S905 boards.

What is current OS?
Whatever is the current download, I thought you would know, but I will look it up for you.


Also we don’t have any S905 boards.

It says “s905” in the filename

Thanks for the help.

S905 is a real chip name that is different architecture from S905X.

Take the time to write your questions properly with details. It’s overly vague and reading it repeatedly does not provide any insight.

Don’t call it current OS. It’s Raspbian. What exactly is “settings for boot”? Pause what until the WiFi is up?