LePotato no boot on latest image

Does anyone have a guide to boot this thing? It cannot be this hard. Using latest image it just boots to grub. Cannot set linux image as it says "error: inode not found. It is not the microSD as it boots a RPI3B without any problem with an RPI image equivalent. Thanks

It shoulds like an imaging or SD card problem. Check Troubleshooting General Boot Issues

Which image are did you get the message from?

I get the message from this image: 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64-lite+aml-s905x-cc.
It only boots to grub prompt on LePotato. I can set proper root directory but I get the strange message of “error inode not found” when trying to set /boot parameters

Just tested this image and boots up just fine.

See the General Boot Issues.

  1. Power
  2. MicroSD card might need to be wiped and imaged properly.
  3. MicroSD card is bad.

Inode not found means that the disk data is not in an expected state.

Thank you I will wipe and retry. I appreciate your efforts.

I have a quick question: Is there a limit as to what microSD can be? For example I am using a 128GB microSD.

There is no limit. We tested 1TB cards.

Great, thank you. Still having issues booting this thing even though a Raspbian Image boots right up in RPI3 B using same microSD

If you flashed our Raspbian image, it should not be able to boot on a Pi. It means you probably flashed the wrong device.

See Windows Flashing MicroSD Cards Guide with Win32DiskImager for Le Potato or any SBC - YouTube

No, sorry if I was not clear. I flashed RPI Raspi image for RPI and Raspbian image for LePotato. Two separate images for each unit. Thx

Follow the instructions exactly and the device will boot properly. Troubleshooting General Boot Issues

Your previous error was due to bad data on the MicroSD card. Do you have a new error message?

I got this to boot finally. Firstly, DO NOT USE RPI Imager for Linux to format the card. It doesn’t do it very well or properly. I used mkfs.vfat instead. Once that was completed I used dd to write the image to the card as I did not trust other software. After this, it booted fine. Thank you for your help with this.

Raspberry Pi Imager is based on Etcher. We had a ton of users reporting problems so that’s why we don’t recommend it per the boot issues guide.

The only other issue was that it autoboots after issuing a shutdown or poweroff command.

Use the search feature. How to Shutdown Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC Le Potato

Sorry, is that it autoboots after issuing a shutdown or poweroff command

Take the time to read our response to you. You are asking questions that we’ve already answered. How to Shutdown Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC Le Potato

Thank you, did do that and only reason I shutdown is for outage reasons so as to not corrupt microSD card by just “pulling the plug.” Thank you for your time and efforts. I appreciate this board.

Our images are incredibly resistant to shutdown failure. We’re much better than other fruit companies in this regard. We run internally without UPS.