How to Shutdown Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC Le Potato

This applies for unofficial images and older images from before 2023. Newer official images have resolved the shutdown issue.

There is no power button on the board. When shutdown is triggered, the default action of the board is to reboot. To avoid rebooting, run shutdown -H now which will halt the machine.

To power the machine back on, connect the RX pin to ground or hook it up to a switch or use ethernet WOL.

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With Ubuntu 22.04, it appears that “shutdown -H now” still reboots?

There’s a watchdog that causes the system to reboot after halting. You can disable it via echo 'V' | sudo tee /dev/watchdog before halting.

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Seems like on Raspbian, the “Start Menu → Logout → Shutdown” should do that for you. Otherwise it’s the same as Reboot.

We have already removed the watchdog so a standard sudo shutdown -H now will be sufficient in the images download since last month.

With my Raspbian image, 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz, sudo shutdown -H does in fact shut down the system and it stays powered off.

Using the GUI Shutdown reboots the system. Minor point, but it was surprising the first time it happened.

How do I restart the device after shutdown? Just unplug and plug back in?

Yes. The boards consume 1W anyway so there’s not much point to shutdown.

Is it possible to disable the watchdog on images downloaded prior? Rather than having to “echo ‘V’ | sudo tee /dev/watchdog” every time I want to shut down the system?

We have disabled the watchdog by default for images since November. If you had an image from before, simply use the libretech-flash-tool to re-flash the bootloader.

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Does the watchdog workaround work also for Batocera or Lakka? It is impossible to shutdown the board, it is constantly rebooting, thanks!


For images not from our distro server, the watchdog stuff does not apply. You just need to halt instead of shutdown.

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Any idea on how install halt on Batocera and Lakka?

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Never mind on Batocera is already installed, simply it is impossible shutdown the board, I can only unplug the AC when exclusively the red light is on… :confounded:

I wonder if I can get some help, at least as customer, thanks… :pray: