Shutdown of S905x aka Potato without halting the OS


I hope I’ve read most posts on the topics - so e.g.
but I’m still searching for a solution.

I’m wondering if there is an alternative to halting the system and instead gracefully shutdown.
My main motivation behind shutting down the OS (Rasbpian) is to keep the OS-filesystem alive.
So I’ve seen a handful of corrupted SD-cards in Raspis where a spontaneous power failure caused SD issues with the file system - and I don’t want to add a hardware APC.
I plan to migrate to emmc exactly because of this - but I’d also like to use a ‘normal’ shutdown instead of the harsher halt (which works by the way).
To my knowledge a system halt is similar to a power failure - all processes get immediately terminated independent of their state.

No, halt safely turns off everything and will not corrupt MicroSD cards.