Libre Computer Raspbian Portability on Moode 8.3.2

I have successfully used the conversion script with Moode version 8.3.2. Checking the working version I noticed that the script has loaded the 6.1.24 kernel, while now if I repeat the operation with a new microSD the loaded kernel is 6.1.26 which does not activate the Moode boot. How can I proceed?

  1. Please provide the full logs of the conversion. Put it on pastebin and post the link here.
  2. Which board are you using?
  3. Do the LEDs change after power on?
  4. Is there any output on HDMI?
  5. If the system booted, what logs can you get?
  1. Booting can only be done from Raspberry so where do I find the conversion log?
  2. I’m using the Le Potato card
  3. The green LED during boot does not turn on while the red and blue LEDs remain on
  4. In HDMI there is an output and the first line starts with Error (-2): cannot determine file size with a whole series of other data that I photographed, but that I can’t link on pastebin (how can I show you them? )
  5. No, the system did not boot while it does on a real Raspberry Pi3b+ as usual this is the photograph of the monitor

I confirm that the conversion script no longer works even with the cli version of Raspbian Bullseye 11. The bug released is the same as the Moode one it is based on. I made a regular conversion up to kernel 6.2.24 while now with kernel 6.2.27 the system doesn’t start on Le Potato, while it does it regularly from a normal Raspberry. Boot_conversion_Libre Computer Le Potato -

Take the MicroSD card out and run libretech-flash-tool to flash the old bootloader:

git clone lft
cd lft
sudo ./ bl-flash aml-s905x-cc-2022-07 SDCARD

Replace SDCARD with the device name and give it a try.

I flashed the old bootloader. Now the system tries to start turning on the green light, but immediately after it turns off entering the boot loop.

The cause seems to be some secure boot shim issues. It should work now. Give it a go and let us know.

Perfect! Now everything works fine. Many thanks for your support, I will recommend my FB group members to buy your Le Potato board for building cheap Audio streamers. Thank you again!