Libre le potato and MCP3002 A\D converter

Hi guys, I’m trying to connect soil moisture sensor to my libre le potato, but I want to get the analog input data.
I couldn’t use the built in ADC pins because it could not exceedes 1.8V and my sensor works with 3.3~5V. I bought MCP3002 A/D converter, but I didn’t understand which pins in a CS pins (CS0 or CS1 just like in Raspberry pi). Anyone can help please? Also please help to understand which more installs I should do for it.

BTW, I’m using ubuntu 22.04LTS if it matter.


You can use a simple voltage divider circuit with two resistors: Voltage Divider Calculator

Cool. I used it now with two resitors of 220 OHM to get 1.65V from 3.3V Vin can you explain me the numbers I’m getting from the ADC pin? I didn’t find it’s specification… is it 10bits? what is the minimum and maximum I can get…?
Now the values is about 3700 when the sensor dry and 2400 when it totally wet (covered by water). Is it make sense? I want to be ensure I won’t damage my libre le potato and sensor…

Use a multimeter and measure it.