Libre Renegade and Sunvox

Hey, total noob to SBC’s but I want to turn my Libre Renegade Roc RK3328-CC into a music device. I’ve seen Sunvox run on a raspberry pi and figured a Renegade should handle it no problem. I have gotten raspbian running on my Renegade but can’t seem to get sunvox to run at all. Any insight or help into this would be appreciated. When I try to run it as an executable on most of the linux iterations of the software nothing seems to happen and then two of the linux iterations it asks me to select where to run the shared library from. I feel like that might be the one to run but I don’t know what to do from there. Like I said, any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

*Update: Switched the OS to Ubuntu 22.04.1 Jammy Desktop instead. Actually got it to run sunvox 0 problems and seems to all around run smoother as an OS. If anyone has some insight now though on other music applications I can try to get running and some of the most optimal settings or OS’s to use, that’d be greatly appreciated!

Treat it like a standard Linux box. We don’t do anything special and follow upstream very closely.