Libre Renegade Booting, but no HDMI Output

Trying to boot into Armbian 23.8.1 with Gnome Desktop and I see the red led flashing (heartbeat) I also see the IP for “renegade” in DHCP, so its definitely booting BUT no output to HDMI at all. I have tried different distros including android, and I get nothing to show up on screen. I have tried three different monitors (1080p and 4k), multiple cables (all work with other SBCs). This has worked before. Is my SBC bad? What gives here? TIA

This hub is for support with official images and other software bits. For Armbian, please ask in the Armbian forum. We don’t control the setup of the kernel or the releases.

Armbian was just one of the images I used. HDMI output doesnt work on any of the official images either. I was suggesting this to be likely a hardware problem.

Can you take a picture of the HDMI port and the top and bottom of the board to check if there is any damage to the components? Make sure the HDMI cable is fully seated.