Locking CPU Speed

Is it possible to lock the CPU speed to a pre-designated speed? I am interested in running these boards for a task that requires absolute stability, but not much CPU performance is needed. On the Raspberry Pi I have been able to set force_turbo=1 and arm_freq=800 to lock the CPU to 800MHz (for example) in able to achieve this - does the AML-S905X-CC support a similar configuration? Every time the CPU changes speed, jitter and instability is introduced into the system, and I’d like to avoid that if I can.

For what it’s worth, I am familiar with using cpufreq or other userspace tools to do this, but I have found those methods to be incredibly unreliable.


Just set the min_freq and max_freq of cpufreq to one frequency and it will stay locked. However, ATF SoC thermal control may still override frequency locks to prevent damage.