Low CVBS audio on AML-S805X-AC (La Frite)

I am having some issue with utilizing the CVBS audio output on the La Frite board. I have an existing setup using the Le Potato AML-S905X-CC that had to have the alsamixer settings configured and had no issue. Swapped in the La Frite with the same alsa settings and I get audio but the volume is extremely low, hardly audible.

Both systems are using Raspbian Bookworm.

The datasheets for the amplifiers are here:

La Frite

Le Potato

Do you have a picture of your setup as well as the scoped output with a sample clip?

Here are the outputs on a scope from both the La Frite and Le Potato. I don’t have a system diagram of my setup ATM but I’ll put something together.

Is there something in configuration I am missing or do you think this is just hardware failure? I went ahead and ordered another La Frite for testing.

On another note, I tried to move to Debian 12 on the La Frite and the OS wasn’t even recognizing the sound card, I was only seeing “Dummy Output”. I looked at this on the Alta board I have setup and it appears to have the same issue. Configuration? I have not tried Debian on the Le Potato.

I received the new La Frite yesterday and did some testing. The audio on the new board works as expected so it must’ve been some form of hardware failure.

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