LTE 4G hat for ROC

i have a ROC-RK3328-CC and I have a sixfab LTE 4G hat that I used on RPi 4 and it works I have installed raspbian on the ROC and mounted the sixfab but i cannot get the qmi for the LTE to work does the ROC support qmi for the LTE 4G if so how to set it up i do see that the cdc-wdm0 is cdc-wdm1 and i am using libqmi

Do you have the instructions on how to set it up on a Raspberry Pi? What is the entry for dtoverlay= entry for config.txt?

The only thing i had to do is plig in the usb and check that the rpi reads qmi_wwan
Then i installed libqmi not the ROC did see the qmi_wwan

WWAN support is not enabled in the current kernel. We have enabled it and the kernel should be pushed to our servers within 24 hours. Please report back after you updated your kernel to let us know if that resolves your problem.

Sounds good i will run a update on the roc tomorrow

The kernel has been updated. Let us know if this fixes your issue.