Micro USB Power not working

i just got a le potato and i tried to power it with the micro usb and non of the leds turned on, i could only power it using the power pins between the HDMI and the audio jack

and the 2 5V pins on the 40 pin header does not work

and it wouldnt boot, the blue and red leds just keep lighting on and there is no HDMI Ouput, i tried raspian and armbian and 2 micro sd cards

sometimes the red and greed leds turn on but without the hdmi connected so idk if it booted

YESSS!, it was a powering issue, i wired dopunt female connectors to a 2A 5V Adapter and it booted!, the micro usb still doesnt work

Please see Troubleshooting General Boot Issues.

i was powering it from the 5v directly for a while now, but i found out that connecting a female to female wire from the 5v pin in the 40 pin header to the 5v pin next to the hdmi allows me to power it with a micro usb cable, maybe a missing trace or something

Take clear high resolution photos of the top and bottom of the board.