MIP DSI/CSI display/camera support for Solitude AML-S905D3-CC


I’m considering buying Libre Computer Solitude AML-S905D3-CC that has MIPI DSI and MIPI CSI support. Has anyone tried MIPI DSI displays and CSI cameras? Does it work at all? Does it work out of box without much effort or one need to work on it to get it to work maybe failure at the end? New to Libre computer sbcs so any advice, comments are appreciated.


These are still being brought up. The DSI should be ready soon. The CSI depends on upstream SoftISP work.

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Also new to Libre SBCs. Does that apply to the Alta AML-A311D-CC as well?

DSI and CSI are not ready yet? Is there a rough estimate when the CSI SoftISP updates will be made?


Yes, this applies to both. The DSI is working but requires manually tuned overlays designed for specific display compatibility. If you are interested in a specific display, please post it.

Don’t intend to hijack OP’s request, so hope they reply.

But more interested in CSI and camera sensors. E.g.)

  • Picamera module v2
  • Picamera module v3
  • Arducam IMX519 camera module