New 905, Linux noob initial install probs

Failing at scanning bus usb@C9000000 for devices failed to get keyboard state from 1a2c:0e24

haha, it says press anykey to stop… but keyboard not found, funny! So it just proceeds to failure and command line after not finding the boot and stuff.

Using the recent s905 xz loaded to a SanDisc 12kgb Extreme Plus running off of laptop usb and micro 2.4 Apple charger. I used Disk Image Writer, appears to be Gnome, to create the sdhc.

Give a boomer a hand, maybe? But type slowly so I can keep up.

Dumb boomer action. There IS a difference between -base- and -desktop-!

As you were, nothing to see here…

There shouldn’t be any difference in terms of booting Linux portion. The USB problem could be a power issue or a compatibility issue with that specific keyboard.

For history sake, it was booting to the command line and I could log in.
The problem was my expectation of a friendly full screen of Ubuntu wonderful!
The desktop version fulfilled my dreams so PEBKAC!

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