Ubuntu 22.04.1 Jammy LTS Base Release Notes

Ubuntu Base images offer our smallest and lightest images with just the bare essentials to manage the board hardware and connect to networks. It uses systemd for most basic system services. The default user credentials are as follows:

Username: root
Password: root

It will prompt you to change the password after login for security reasons.

Image Layout

  1. Board specific bootloader which not listed in partition table
  2. FAT32 EFI partition 1 with GRUB (/boot/efi)
  3. BTRFS root partition 2 (/)

Configuring System Settings such as First User or Hostname

To setup additional users:

adduser USERNAME
apt install sudo
adduser USERNAME sudo

Hostname: modify the hostname file


Configuring Network Settings such as WiFi or Wireless

The base images do not use an active network manager like the desktop images. Initial network configuration is set through Ubuntu’s default netplan.io which applies the network settings through systemd-networkd.

To modify the network settings on a booted system, modify /etc/netplan/eth0.yaml.

By default, the file looks like this:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      dhcp4: true
      optional: true

After plugging in a WiFi dongle, find the name via cat /proc/net/wireless. Change the netplan file /etc/netplan/wireless.yaml to something this:

            optional: true
                "NETWORK SSID":
                    password: "NETWORK PASSWORD"
            dhcp4: true
    version: 2

Replace NETWORK SSID with the wireless network name you would like to connect to. Replace NETWORK PASSWORD with the password to the wireless network. Change NETWORK DEVICE to your wireless device interface name. To get a list of wireless device interface names:

cat /proc/net/wireless

Reboot the system or sudo netplan apply.

To enable ssh, run sudo apt install ssh.