No sound through HDMI

Thank you for your continued help on the matter, project got put on hold because of a problem with the lcd but im back to it. im using the batocera image from the le potato official downloads.
I can get audio through hdmi and a usb audio device with headphones but yes the problem is i cannot get it to work from cvbs jack.
I set up alsa the way it should be based on our discussion before and the link you posted to the troubleshooting post and i have everything matching.
I tested the voltage coming in with a multimeter and im getting right around exactly 5V, 5.1ish but never under 5. My power supply is rated for 2.5a so i dont think thats the problem.
What i think i might need to do is set alsamixer fields like you said, how do i go about doing that?

Did you unmute the field we told you about last time?