No sound through HDMI

I installed 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz on the le potato, but I have no sound out of HDMI.

Rapsi-config does not show hdmi option for sound.

Any ideas to help?

Sound should work without any modifications. What TV/speakers do you have?

Also check using another HDMI cable that has working sound.

Well it used to work until the potato crashed and I tried to reinstall the O.S. It’s been all down hill from here.

With a stock install and nothing else installed, I don’t hear anything with aplay and audio file I uploaded. I’ve tried diferent HDMI cables and different sd cards. So far I have failed in all my attempts to get sound going.

I have done a bunch google, installing, removing with the same failure. So I am here hoping to get a solution for my unique problem.

I have a vizio TV. All was well until about a week ago.

How did it “crash”? Also check your sound settings on the TV. Raspbian will play sound during the setup step via a screen reader.

I’ve been having the same issue until a moment ago. I ran alsamixer and found this setting…it was disabled by default. I had to change it to I2S before I heard sound on my tv through hdmi. Maybe yours is also disabled?