No Sound using Lakka 4.3 on Le Potato

I have a Le Potato and installed Lakka 4.3. Got around the no boot issue using the new dtb file and Lakka seems to run great so far except I have no sound. I’ve tried the suggestions of using the aplay- L command to list the sound card detected and even modified the retroarch.cfg file to match a few of the outputs, but no matter what I try, I get no sound. Armbian and CoreElect produce sound without issue. I’ve also tried the different sound drivers and none of them produce sound. I can post a log file from the createlogs command if that will help resolve the issue. I am using the analog output jack on the Le Potato.

I can provide more info an answer some question if I can, but thought I would see if anyone had a quick answer to the problem.

Try Batocera instead. Lakka image is rather old at this point.