No Sound using Lakka 4.3 on Le Potato

I have a Le Potato and installed Lakka 4.3. Got around the no boot issue using the new dtb file and Lakka seems to run great so far except I have no sound. I’ve tried the suggestions of using the aplay- L command to list the sound card detected and even modified the retroarch.cfg file to match a few of the outputs, but no matter what I try, I get no sound. Armbian and CoreElect produce sound without issue. I’ve also tried the different sound drivers and none of them produce sound. I can post a log file from the createlogs command if that will help resolve the issue. I am using the analog output jack on the Le Potato.

I can provide more info an answer some question if I can, but thought I would see if anyone had a quick answer to the problem.

Try Batocera instead. Lakka image is rather old at this point.

Batocera has the exact same problem with analog audio not working. HDMI audio works, analog audio does not. I posted the issue to their developers on Discord. Initially Batocera wouldn’t even boot on the Le Potato, but they just fixed that as of version 36.

See AML-S905X-CC No Analog Audio Issue

You also should check that ALSA is setup correctly.

I’ve tried playing with Alsa mixer, but nothing I’ve tried there works. If you look at CoreElec or Armbian, they have a seperate audio device selection for Analog audio vs HDMI audio. Lakka and Batocera only have a single device showing up which works with HDMI audio only.

I’ve been through all the audio troubleshooting guides and nothing solves the issue. I believe the proper codec/device driver for Analog isn’t available in the kernel or not being loaded. I’ve provided the full Batocera logs to the Batocera developers, so hopefully they will figure it out for the next release.