On/Off switch with portable battery charger aml-s905x-cc

I am trying to find a way to safely turn the board on and off with either a flip switch or a basic pc swtich I’ve seen some things about a pinout being available but have not found a actual guide. another thing I’m concerned about is trying to have this run off a portable power bank and have this be plugged in to the wall and use passthrough charging. obviously I understand the second half of that is probably above this forums priority, but if any one can help with a on off button that can safely shut the board off running on a power bank that would be great. people have warned me that simply shutting down the board and disconnecting power and things of that nature will cause the SD cards flash. now I’m not sure how to avoid this or what directly causes this. Thank you in advance for any information.

You’re going to wear out a (portable) power bank pretty quickly like that, since they’re designed to charge up to maximum capacity. It’s doable if you don’t leave it plugged in all the time and with the right output/cables.
You can also find USB/microUSB power cables with a switch. There’s a link somewhere in the forum. But you’re not going to get any guarantee that you won’t corrupt the filesystem by just killing the power. Do a sudo shutdown 0 instead.

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I actually have the cord you mentioned, i am in need specifically of a way to do this portably whether it be with a 18650 or a battery hat for a pi4. my biggest issue is being able to find something that is at least 5v4a and last at least 4-6 hours. but i really really need a switch for the outside of the case that it will be mounted inside of doesn’t need to be opened every time it needs to be turned on/off or be charged.

If you can’t find 5v4a ready to go you could make your own.
Just find a properly rated toggle switch. Something like this might work

I am using this guy on my Renegades that are in the house

It has LifePo4 battery instead of a Li so it can be charged under load.

There is a power switch on the bank that allows power to be shut off to the Renegades.

the link to the thing on Amazon

I’ve also put together my own LiFePo4 to power a OrangePi 5 using a 12V 6Ah LifePo4 and a LifePo4 charger. Remember that the load must be connected first.


You can cut a wire and add a power switch.

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