OrangePi support?

Is the OrangePI supported by the images you provide. This is the one I’m interested in getting as it has 4GB. It doesn’t look like you have any boards that have that much memory.

Orange Pi 4 LTS 4GB LPDDR4 Rockchip RK3399 Six Core 64 Bit Single Board…

At Amazon

We do not support Orange Pi products. We only support boards that we design and manufacture. This can be an equivalent: Renegade Elite – Love Our Pi - The Destination for Single Board Computers

Does the Renegade elite have a 4GB version that I didn’t see?

I can understand not supporting the Orangepi since I don’t see it on your products. So I was looking for a SBC with a RockPort RK3399.

If I was NOT looking for support, would there be any harm in trying the image, steps, that you have for that chip?

Yes Renegade Elite is 4GB.

It won’t work with the Orange Pi 4 at all.

I went with the regular Renegade from Loverpi or whatever that site is. And preordered the 4GB version. I will see how that goes.

A different question, I see that there is no wifi on that board, do you guys have any extra addons that might have this? And then what case would you recommend?

My project is to use it in a two person stand up gaming console and this would be inside so I probably don’t need a case, a heat sink is probably a must. I was going to try to put RetroPi on it for the games.

For gaming, Renegade Elite is much faster than Renegade and more compatible with certain games.

For WiFi, we will be offering USB WiFi 4, WiFi 5, and WiFi 6E dongles that have upstream support soon.

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Ahh, ok. I may buy that one too. As for the wifi would that work for either renegade (and elite)?

Any thoughts as to when would those dongles be ready to buy?

I just looked at the specs for the renegade elite and it says it has 4GB of memory. So on the site it doesn’t have any options like choosing memory size, so does that imply that the one I can get from them has 4GB?

Yes, only the 4GB is available so far. We will be introducing a 2GB model.