OTG cable spec - straight through or crossover?

Hi, I’m trying to get OTG working on Le Potato (following instructions here).

I need an USB A to A, Male to Male. I have two USB end cables which I plan on using.

Is the cable straight through or crossover? i.e. D+ to D+ and D- to D-, or D+ to D- and D- to D+?

Assume I don’t connect +5v, so will be D+, D-, Gnd only?


Just installed an eMCC using the official kt from Libre that includes a male USB-A to maleUSB-A cable.

I checked the pinout before using–it is straight through on all four pins. If you’re rolling your own, I wouldn’t connect power on the cable as when the Libre supplied cable is connected, it powers the board as well. Didn’t pour through the schematics to see it there is any kind of protection against having the +5 line on the micro USB power connector hooked up to the +5V pin on the upper left USB port.

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Thanks - I’m rolling my own. The device is now recognized under windows as USB audio. Now i need to configure the Linux side. Thanks for your help.


On the Le Potato, the USB port on the upper left (as viewed with the Ethernet port facing you on the left) is wired differently than the other three. Might be a consideration when trying to get OTG up and running.