Power Le Potato with Micro USB Cable

I have a 5 volt 2.1 Amp charger. I have both micro USB as well as USB C cables (lots of each) and wanted to know if I can use either of these cables to power the Le Potato. I am wanting to use it for Octoprint.

Thank you.

Le Potato is powered via MicroUSB per the product photos.

Thank you for the quick response. I would like to use this as a headless server for Octoprint. Can I create the boot image on my desktop, boot the Le Potato and then log in via the network to complete the setup? My only Linux experience is using Linux Mint, so I am not very familiar with Linux commands beyond a few.

Thanks again.

Octoprint is well supported. There are videos on YouTube and guides online.

My question revolves around the initial setup. I do not have a monitor and wanted to do the OS setup and then use Putty to log into the device via my network. Subsequently I would install Octoprint.

Thank you.

Le Potato has UART pins to access system console. However, Ubuntu and Raspbian both either require pre-configuration via cloud-init and Raspbian preconfig or HDMI connection to setup. They are outlined in the download pages of the images.

Le Potato arrived today. Raspbian installed cleanly. Can ping from Windows, but cannot connect via Putty. Message "Connection Error. Connection Refused.

I am connected via cable to my router. Both lights (green & yellow) on the RJ45 are lit. The Blue light is flashing quickly. I am using a 2.1 amp micro USB connection. Have tried Putty & VNC but cannot reach Le Potato.

Any suggestions?


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