Power LED from GPIO – Which Pins?

Hi, I’m looking to enclose my board but would like a power indicator that can be seem from outside the enclosure.

Can anyone tell me if there are GPIO pins that can be used for this purpose and if so which pins?

Any recommendations on low power LEDs that might be used would be welcome, my board seems extremely sensitive to power use when booting from the eMMC. I’d guess an extra LED to make no difference to consumption but have found that including an SD in the slot when running from the eMMC is too much draw on resources. This is with a very short good quality mini USB cable and a 12W Apple power supply.


Hook any LED up to 5V or 3.3V with a 1K resistor in series?

So pin 1 and pin 14?

Please read a basic electronics engineering guide before you blow your board up. 5V and ground with a 1K resistor in series will light an LED.

That’s a bit dramatic.

So shorting 5v carries a risk of explosion? Good to know.

If you were so concerned with the welfare of your users or/and the integrity and utility of your product you might attempt making a little more effort when engaging users on your forum.

We’re not in the business of teaching people basic electronics. We believe that you should understand what you are doing before you do it. Electronics come with near certainty that you will damage something if you use it improperly.

I’m quite aware of what your focus in this forum should be. I’ve no need of schooling in this area. I have, however, several times requested guidance in your particular purview and been met with a censorious and patronising direction to refrain from double posting (without then going on to respond to the issue in question) or/and what might broadly be described as somewhat cryptic, excessively sparse responses.

That’s when you’re responding at all and when you’re focused on the question and not distracted by some tangential detail unrelated to the actual question.

We have already responded to your question. We merely state fact and there’s no patronizing on our side. You can read it however you want. Electronics require certain amounts of knowledge and you have to do your homework. There’s no point to argue on this forum and this is already off topic. Locking this thread.