Raspbian 9 (stretch) image?

I can’t seem to find the stretch image for Libre Computer, was it removed? Can someone guide me where to download it from?

Raspbian 9 is no longer supported by either the Raspberry Pi Foundation nor Debian. There are no security updates so it’s no longer supported and considered end of life (EOL).

What about the stuff that still runs only on Raspbian 9? Images are still out there, why not leave the images so we can use/play with them? Right now I have 2 Libre Computers I am trying to work with but I feel I am getting my hands tied and can’t do anything with them…

This is something you need to contact the author of the projects about as this is something they need to do. Raspbian 9 was released in July 2017 which is over 5 years ago. We cannot invest engineering resources in EOL software distributions that the distro makers who have hundreds of staff will no longer support. It’s bad practice and it introduces security problems and maintenance guarantees on our platforms.

Not asking for that… What I meant to say was that I saw an image for the Libre Computer Le Potato that was based off of Raspbian 9 and I actually installed it on an SD card and it worked and booted, but I later flashed version 10 on it and I can’t find it anymore…

These? Index of /board/libre-computer-project/libre-computer-board-aml-s905x-cc/image/raspbian/

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YES!!! Thank you! (20 chars)