Raspbian with freerdp freezing after continuous run

I have around eight Le Potato, all are running same program. Running at resolution 1366x768 set manually , with OS Raspbian. Running freerdp. (1GB model with 64GB sd) No other tasks or application running. The device is freezing suddenly with no reason.

I tried SSH, not responding
I tried switching between tty, not responding
KB or Mouse not responding (Keybaod light is there with no response to even num lock)
Some freezing occasions, optical mouse LED is going off
Ping is responding

Only solution disconnect power, (with electronics and IT knowledge, I keep waiting at least 20 sec before powering), and connect back to power.
And the result is,
Some time boot normally, else boot without display where SSH is able to access (in this case need again remove power and connect , because reboot through SSH again freeze the system).

Unable to identify the cause, suffering it repeatedly with many Potato devices.

If you get no kernel hang, it is most likely power issue.

I appreciate for the support. Even I ordered again 6 more believing that there will be solution for every issue.

How to know kernel is working, if the keyboard inputs are responding?

There should be no condition where the LEDs on your mouse turns off unless there’s a power problem. It’s most likely your power connection not being able to deliver enough. This is already covered to death on multiple threads so get a better power supply.

I have changed different power supplies, all the result is same. May be you are right as bad quality power supply is flooding over the market. Can you recommend any economic power supply that is tested and working perfectly. If link is shared, it will benefit more users like me from choosing right power supply.

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I have received the power adapter, and i had connected it to the device. Still i found the device freeze occasionally. Also if you can provide me the source from where i can find eMMC for the same, it will can be highly appreciated as the great number audience were searching for it.

If it still freezes, you need to monitor the UART output. The Linux kernel should print log messages over UART indicating the issue.

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