Realtek WiFi Drivers

rtl8723du is already supported in the main rtl driver. I found this out the hard way, eventually.


With some hints from I was able to use lsusb to find the device identifier, then modprobe -c|grep -i 7392|grep -i a611 to find out that it is included in the rtl8xxxu driver, which I then discovered is disabled by default in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl8xxxu.conf so it is just a matter of removing the blacklist to re-enable the driver and a reboot and wifi is working!

TLDR: run this in a root terminal echo "" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl8xxxu.conf && reboot

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Which dongle do you have? RTL8723DU shouldn’t be supported by rtl8xxxu. It should require the driver mentioned in the OP. Can you post the output of sudo lsmod?

Try the steps in this article

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Thanks for the contribution. The RTL88XXCU and RTal8723DU chips will be supported out of the box soon. RTL8188FU is the replacement for the popular RTL8188EU and too new to have upstream driver.

Just for everyone else’s reference, I got an RTL8812AU dual band chip, this was the driver that worked:

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Thanks for testing and contributing. I added the instructions to the original post. Please let me know if they are correct if you have the bandwidth.

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