Red light but no boot

Just received my Solitude AML-S905D3-CC and I am not able to get the thing to boot. I started off with flashing the “debian-12-base-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img” to a micro SD card, plugged in my HDMI monitor and supplied power. The red light comes on but thats it. I then tried removing the SD card to see if anything would show up on the screen but still no luck. It just sets there with the red light solidly on. Is it defective or is there something else I can try here?

Move the boot switch to the other side.

I see two switches on the board. I tried booting with every combination and still I get no output and the red light stays on solid. I tested it without any SD card inserted, fyi. Is there anything else to try?

Which image did you download? Which decompression tool did you use to uncompress the image? Which tool did you use to move the image to the SD card? What kind of transfer speed did your image transfer to the card get?

I’m trying to troubleshoot this from square one. When I plug the unit in and connect it to a monitor using an HDMI cable without an SD card, should I get something showing up on the screen? From what I understand, I should but I’m not. Does that mean my unit is defective?

What power supply are you using? What is the make and model of the monitor attached? You should get video when you boot. Do you have a photo of the top and bottom of the board?

It was a power supply issue. I was expecting the red light to flash if the power supply was not adequate but it did not.