Renegade 1.3 RTC

So, the pictures on the store page for the Renegade show a model ID of ROC-RK3328-CC-V1.0-A. However, the one I got is a ROC-RK3328-CC-V1.3-B.

Image here for 1.0:
Image here for 1.3:

I can identify a few differences. There’s a screw hole for the EMCC module now, the button is different, the PWREN/GND/PWRON contacts have proper headers installed now, and there’s a mysterious unlabeled two pin header between the HDMI port and the CVBS/Audio jack.

However, I’ve figured out what it’s for. I found a more recent board schematic document, and I found a difference between it and the old one. ROC-RK3328-CC-V1.3-B.pdf - Google Drive

Page 5 specifically has a change that the 1.0 PDF doesn’t have. A section about an RTC. So it looks like the board already has the hardware but you just need to plug in a battery.

That said, I’m not able to identify the connector type. It’s certainly smaller than the dupont pins on the GPIO block. Maybe it’s a 1.25mm connector? Molex PicoBlade? JST GH? And I’m not sure what battery it expects. CR2032?

And even if I get the right hardware, is it just a matter of plugging it in? Or is extra software stuff needed?

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The RTC is part of the PMIC (RK805) and Linux already has the driver for it. It is a 2 pin 1.25mm wafer spec connector.