Renegade Elite case?

I’m looking to purchase a case for my ROC-RK3399-PC board. The only place where I could find a case is loverpi, but shipping almost doubles the cost. I could not find an appropriate case anywhere else.
Does anyone know of other places where I can find a case for this board, ideally in Europe ?

We only design SBCs. All peripherals are designed by partner companies. That case was designed by LoveRPi for the PC spec.

Do you have a list of the partner companies who are making/selling cases for the PC spec?

We are not aware of any.

Hi I got my Le Potatoe a short time ago and after installing the operating system, have produced a base and lid via FreeCAD and 3D Printing. I do not have a ROC board to allow me to draw up a case.

STL File is available if required,
Case is a snug fit,
Pins are free for access,
IR receiver is uncovered,
Fan holder is seperate (for different fans) and is not included,
Airflow is configured for maximum cooling across the heatsink which should allow slower fan speed and quieter operation.

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The PC spec is different than the CC spec. A case designed for Le Potato would not fit a Renegade Elite. See Libre Computer Board 3D CAD Models

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I have done and downloaded the files, thank you.

I wasn’t requesting a fee for the stl files its a hobby that I like to do, of course in addition to using microcontrollers and SBC’s