Renegade Elite died after a few weeks

I bought a Renegade Elite from LoveRPi a couple/few weeks ago in the hopes of building a bigger, better, more powerful replacement for my Amazon Firestick. It was okay. Was using Armbian Buster Legacy with a full Kodi setup as well an unofficial LibreELEC build (none of the “official” images worked).
Yesterday, when booting an image it powered off before completing boot and that’s it. It is dead in the water. Just died. It will not power on again, at all.
Tried different power supplies so that’s not the issue.

What do I do in this case.

Remember seeing a case where you just have to let the board sit there for a while unplugged for a day. You can try that because something gets stuck. This happened to me twice and both times it recovered with time (if it’s not a SPI flash bootloader issue).

Is the SPI flashed or unflashed?


Umm, not sure. I only remember flashing the firmware mentioned in this post…