Renegade LAN speed

My LAN speed is not anywhere close to what it should be for a Gigabit NIC. My Raspberry PI 4 is about 5 times faster. I’m running Armbian now. But it was the same on Raspberry OS.

How are you testing LAN speed?

If it helps any for comparison, I just ran iperf3 between 2 of my Renegades running RPi OS and I was getting a solid 946Mb/sec which is pretty much full throttle after taking into account overhead.

I’m using a couple different ways. I one is just a simple file copy to a samba share and the other is to the internet using Both the raspberry and renegade art plugged directly into the router. I realize the file copy may be a factor of the usb hard drive storage. They are both in USB 3 ports. Speed test for the raspberry is around 450 and the renegade around 80.

I ran iperf3 test. The test said the renegade is similar to the Pi 4. I’m not sure why is so different.

There is some issue with the GUI speed test. I installed the CLI version. The results were much better. They were the same as the PI 4. test your internet speed which has nothing to do with the board.