Renegade ROC-RK3328-CC: Red blinking LED light only


I’m using a Renegade running Armbian Bookworm with Gnome and the board has a red blinking LED that’s in two pulses then a pause (heartbeat) and no other lights.

The OS is on a SanDisk Ultra Micro SD XC 1 128GB SD card that was burned using Raspberry Imager. I have Two other Armbian Operating Systems (Bullseye XFCE and Bookworm XFCE), Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish and Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye all burned the same way using the same power source and they all have the solid red LED with the green heartbeat.

I want to add that the Renegade is running better than ever, I would just like to make sure something isn’t corrupted or wrong in some way, any help would be appreciated.

We do not maintain Armbian. Ask on the Armbian forums.