ReSpeaker 4-Mic array for Raspberry Pi on Le Potato

Hi, I’m trying to use a Seeed ReSpeaker 4-Mic array with my aml-s905x-cc board. The instructions and scripts to install the microphone are for RPi only but I would think that since the GPIO is the same it should be possible to make it work on Le Potato… I am not very familiar with GPIO, device trees, etc… I was looking at the script from the official drivers and it looks like it uses RPi specific commands to setup the overlays… How can I do it with the tools provided by Libre Computer?

Respeaker will not work. It uses I2S pinmuxes and not just GPIO.

Ahh gotcha.

Thanks for your reply.

You can possibly make it work by manually using Female to Male jumper cables to connect to the correct I2S pins on the board.