Retropie for ROC-RK-3328-CC

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The current Lakka 4.3 doesn’t play very nice with this board.

Looking for other viable solution I found a script to install Retropie on the Rockchip ARM CPU RK3328 but it needs some modification and I don’t have the necessary knowledge and expertise.

I tested it on Armbian Bullseye although the author recommends Ubuntu, however there is a missing package (mali-fbdev) that is available only to versions prior of Ubuntu Jammy.

Mali driver has been reverse engineered and should be now inside the current MESA for Ubuntu and Debian. Personally I would rebase the script on Armbian/Debian rather than Armbian/Ubuntu but eventually is the same.

This is the guide I found it:

Thanks! :pray:

RetroPie platform targeting is a mess. We recommend Batocera.

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Is there any tutorial or guide that I can follow?



Just replying to this for reference to others: Batocera.linux for Libre Computer Boards