Batocera.linux for Libre Computer Boards

Batocera.linux is a distribution based on buildroot targeted for retro-gaming based on libretro/retroarch. The naming convention for our boards on the download pages are slightly different than our convention.

Please note that the direct links might be old or broken and we recommend going to the download page.

All boards will be supported in the future.

I am testing this image: batocera-s905-lepotato-36-20230206.img

Unfortunately it doesn’t shutdown, I checked for updates but there weren’t with the default setting.

Two things come up in my mind though:

  • Where should I send stuff like logs and the likes, to you or to Batocera?
  • Do you recommend to switch on the “development” branch in order to get updates or fixing?



I upgraded to the development release but the issue continues and board doesn’t shutdown at all.