Libre Computer Le Potato AML-S905X-CC No Analog Audio Issues with Alsamixer and High Voltage

The applies to official Libre Computer images! If you are using Armbian or other images, ALSA is not setup correctly and you need to set alsamixer fields.

If you are having analog audio problems or no sound from the CVBS jack on AML-S905X-CC, please check the voltage of your power supply. Due to Raspberry Pi 3’s poor power design, many companies made out-of-spec MicroUSB chargers that exceeded upper bound of the 5V±10%. We tested some power supplies that supplied 5.8V at 0 load. Raspberry Pi’s own power supply exceeds this safety margin and should not be used with any MicroUSB product besides Raspberry Pi’s own boards.

AML-S905X-CC’s low power consumption causes this issue to be very pronounced. The onboard DIO analog amplifier will not work when the voltage exceeds 5.5V and causes no sound issues. Please change your power supply to one that is compliant with USB-IF specifications.

What are the connections for the 3.5mm CVBS jack?

See Schematics

Search CVBS or AV depending on your board.

Is there a way to check the voltage of the power supply (or a suggestion of a compliant power supply)? I tried a couple of different ones I had lying around on the AML-S905X-CC and I don’t have any sound from either. Alternately, is it possible to use the command line to diagnose when it’s not working because of voltage rather than another issue?

First, make sure the alsamixer settings are correct. The last 3 fields in alsamixer should be I2S I2S SPDIF.

where to put this file in batocera linux?

sorry for question, find solution Le potato board, no analog audio in cvbs · Issue #11688 · batocera-linux/batocera.linux · GitHub
pls add this solution in Batocera.linux for Libre Computer Boards

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We have already put alsa ucm2 profiles upstream. It should be included in future buildroot releases which batocera is based off of.

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cvbs video work in batocera if use trick like lakka . possible select hdmi or cvbs video profile in menu batocera? now after install only hdmi profile, if use trick cvbs - only cvbs profile in menu.