RK3328 bootup issue

My RK3328 will not display anything or boot up. I have tried using multiple different images on my sd cards but the RK won’t boot up for some reason.

Yesterday when I was trying it booted once but now today it won’t for some reason. I am trying different images and nothing seems to work.

My board lights up when plugged into a power source but the rk3328 won’t power up my keyboard that is hooked to it or my mouse. I cannot seem to find the issue. Am I downloading the wrong images or is my board shot?


The current ROC-RK3328-CC images take about 30 seconds to show video since only Linux supports HDMI out and the bootloader does not. This is being addressed on the engineering side but the images should work fine. You have to wait 1 minute after applying power.

Yeah I’m having the same issue. Mine will not push anything out to HDMI it only shows the green light blinking. Not sure what the next step in troubleshooting will be. I was told by libre that i need too purchase a UART to USB cable, so i guess I’ll be waiting for that to come in before i can move further.

I have waited for multiple minutes after powering up the unit with no bootup or display. I have tried multiple different images from multiple different sites and nothing seems to work no matter how long I wait. I have also tried using the uboot button with no difference. I have been mostly trying ubuntu 20.04.01 I lately tried Armbian with no change in progress.

The red and green light turn on when I plug in the board but nothing else happens.

If you get no video on Renegade, please report your monitor here: ROC RK3328/RK3399 No Video on Monitor

Armbian is not continually tested. Our images (Ubuntu and Raspbian) are validated before release.

So after numerous tries I realized the usb power block I was using (older iPhone charger) was only putting out 5v/1.2a. So I found my 5v/2.5a block and wanted to try it out, and BOOM it booted right into raspbian no problem. There was the delay maybe 10-12 seconds before anything happened as you had mentioned on FB yesterday. I’m using a SanDisk ultra 64 gb card with 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64+roc-rk3328-cc flashed on it using Win32DiskManager. I can run it off the smaller power supply when I’m just accessing it via ssh. All of your versions of raspbian seem to have some issue where you cannot access the configuration settings via the gui, only through the terminal. I’m going to work on trying to get that set up, and also some form of gui that can be accessed via ssh with the terminal. Thanks very much for the help ill continue to post any issues and fixes I encounter.

Power supplies are 50% of the battle. The other 49% is flashing the MicroSD card and making sure the data flashed is correct.

So is a 5V 2A supply not going to work then? If not can I use a 5.2V 2.4A supply? The thing I don’t understand is that my board booted twice before using the 5V 2A and now won’t boot anymore. I am using a SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB sd card. Is there a specific image that you suggest I use to get my board to boot?

If it is a true 5V 2A power supply, it should be fine. Did you follow the general troubleshoot guide?

I am going to download the image suggested by realmack and flash it using Win32DiskManager
Other than that my sd card and power supply meet general troubleshoot guide criteria.

With the image and process that realmac suggested my roc booted. Thank you guys so much for your fast responses and tons of help!


I am currently struggling to boot my board with Ubuntu Server 22.04 for my rk3328. Image correct, power supply correct, SanDisk 32gb A1 card flashed with win32di. I saw in another post that you can boot from a flash drive? Before I go buy a new SD I would like to try that to see if works. Will it automatically move from uboot to SD to flash drive or do I have to do something special?
I have flashed the image to the SD card but I cannot verify afterword, no errors flashing but upon verify button I get a “verification failed at sector 2048” message.

The 2048 message can occur sometimes when Windows automounts the drive. Have you tried leaving it for 30 seconds to see if you get video?

Don’t mean to clog this thread with my woes, made a new thread. But yes, I’ve left it for about 5 minutes with no “heartbeat” from the green LED or video on multiple boot methods.

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Glad to be of help, I’m now having similar issues with the 2 gb version of it and working through all the steps again. This time the only thing I can figure is it must be a sub par sd card due to just not having any of the “higher” quality. I’m about to attempt to flash the image to another card of a different brand and see if I have any luck there.

I was able to get it booting once again it was a power supply issue, and also possibly an issue with one of the three monitors I was using having a DVI to HDMI adapter. Once I unplugged everything else from the surge protector and plugged directly into a HDMI port with no adapter it booted up.

Whenver you have a display that doesn’t work, please post on the relevant no video thread so we can test in the future. ROC RK3328/RK3399 No Video on Monitor

I’m having the same issue and about to return the board.
I’ve confirmed my SD cards are fine by reloading and using on other PC’s (905 boards). The power supply seems fine as I have used them with my 905 boards.
I do not get the breathing of the green light, red and green turn on but then nothing on screen and never changes to breathing. I have only tried the Ubuntu desktop version but about to try the other distos.
Are there any other options I can try before returning it. Thank you.

Did you wait a minute after power on?