ROC-RK3328-CC display flashing

For reference, as a display I’m using an old LCD hooked up to an off-the-shelf controller designed for the specific model. I’ve tested it, and it works great with Beaglebones, Raspberry Pis, Windows PCs, and even the AML-S905X-CC. When I specifically use the ROC-RK3328-CC is where I run into trouble. I’ve tried multiple images of Ubuntu, Raspbian, and Armbian, and this issue arises on every image. I can boot up fine and sometimes it’s okay for about a minute but then it starts flashing on and off (the display not the Renegade). What confuses me is that the Renegade seems to work with other displays fine. I wonder if there is a hardware on the Renegade’s end because this display seems to work well with other outputs as I mentioned before. It very well could be an issue on the display’s end, I just wanted to see if this maybe was a common issue people have had before.

Renegade’s upstream support for DMT displays is not as robust as Le Potato. These boards were designed for CEA displays with standardized frequencies.