ROC-RK3328-CC not boot from usb SSD

This rk3328 board only can boot only sd card. When try using the USB SSD. The board cannot boot. I’m using the same image that I flash on SD card. I am also powering the board 5.1v 2amp and testing with and without HDMI. Still cannot boot from USB SSD. I compare with raspberry pi 3 board with the same usb ssd. It can boot from the USB. Not for this rk3328 board. Need advise and suggestion. betweek im using SDD on X850 board.

Any help. Appreciate to help me to have this up and running.

The bootloader needs to be on an MMC device. It does not read from USB. You can flash the bootloader on a small MicroSD card using libretech-flash-tool and leave it inserted to boot the OS from USB.

Hi Sir,

So possibility this board rk3328 cannot be booted on usb?. Only must use MMC device. I just need to know. Any suggestion if have any way to boot X850 SupTronics board or other option. Appreciate for the response.

Correct, this board needs a MMC device (SD card or eMMC module) to boot. It does not speak USB UMS protocol.


Thanks for response.