Roc-rk3328-cc shows up in MaskROM mode but no commands work

Hi all,

I’ve been able to use rkdeveloptool before to flash bootloaders/images to the emmc before but now when I attempt to do anything it fails. Reading eMMC information, flashing etc… It does show perfectly in both programs I’ve tried (rkdeveloptool and android-tool) but that’s about it. In android-tool when I try to do anything it hangs for 5-10 seconds then says FAIL. I’ve tried 2 USB cables, 3 different 5V/2A charging bricks and even a spare eMMC card but all commands still fail. What could be causing this?

Also I’ve read in a few places that libretech-flash-tool can be used to flash bootloaders OR images but I can’t find any docs for using it to flash images, is it possible to flash .img files through LFT?

Thank you!

We do not support Rockchip or Android toolchain. Please just use our standard images using standard tools per the instructions on the download pages.