ROC-RK3328-CC Wake On Interrupt Alternative

I am trying to come up with an alternative on my ROC-RK3328-CC to the switch I have on my Rasp Pi 3 to turn it on (as it is used in an arcade cabinet). Is there a way to use one of the GPIOs to do something similar (such that I could have power switch)?

There are 3 pads on the board for power control and state control. Please check the schematic and if you have any questions, let us know.

Is that J22 (PWRON and PWREN)?

More specifically, can I connect a momentarily switch to those pins such that when there is a connection, it powers on and, inversely, if on, can poll the pin to issue a safe shutdown script if pressed again. Basically, do I connect the PWRON pin to a GND, so when the switch is closed the system powers on? The other side will be able to figure out how to safely shutdown.

Related note - I got RetroPie compiled and working so next I’ll try to make an image.

Yes, you can do both things.

You can use PWRON to boot from standby.
For safe shutdown, you can create an overlay for the libretech-wiring-tool. The overlay itself would be something similar to this.