ROC-RK3328-CC won't start but could before

Hey there, I have a ROC-RK3328-CC with the ubuntu server image. I flashed the sd-card a year ago. Sometimes it didn’t start at the first try but after 3 tries with power on/off it usually started. Now I had a power failure and it won’t come up at all. The red- and green-light just stays permanently on. I checked the drive and nothing seems corrupted (but I don’t know whatI should look at).

As far as I know the green light means, that the board could’nt load the boot loader. Is there any advice or should i just reflash the sd-card? Could the device be bricked?

Its really weird, now it started. After 2 days of trying it just started now. The specific setup i used was following: unplugging all peripherals (USB - Fan) and plugging in ethernet + power (obv).

Maybe it had to do lots of updates over cloud? I don’t know, but I think I have read somewhere that the board updates on boot.

Maybe power supply issue? Not/barely powerful enough to properly power the board + the USB devices?