ROC-RK3399-PC Not starting up

I am trying to get my Renegade Elite to start, I have hooked up a UART to the box I am getting the following error

EFI stub: ERROR: FIRMWARE BUG: kernel image not aligned on 64k boundary

Here is the error clearer

This looks like an Armbian issue due to the way the startup is configured. Try the official images.

That didn’t help. I have tried two other os so far, with Etcher.


I am going to try Win32 Disk Imager to make sure it not an Etcher thing. Two things are still happening,

  1. The Firmware bug message pops up when it does boot the OS
  2. Most of the time the following error is showing up.

*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

The system halts

  1. Your Armbian screenshot says “Radxa Rock Pi 4B”. Needless to say, that’s not the right device.
  2. *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment is just u-boot trying to load a non-existant environment from your disk. This is an inconsequential error.
  3. Can you describe system halts? LEDs and UART messages?

So, there are no LED lights. I will need to figure out what the UART messages.

I bought this used. I am wondering if the person before me flashed something to the SPI, the the Armbian 2020.10, because person I try to stay away from Ubuntu, where I know a lot of developers love it, I have issues with it. I am sitting right now, laughing to myself about this part of the error. I’ve been focus on the CRC error.

I will upload a photo show what the boards looks like, to prove there are no led lights.

Quick question I found this

Libre Computer Renegade Elite | Tow-Boot

Would this help me?

FYI, I did try to use the 22 SPI that recommend here on the hub, to try to fix the SPI. My board will not boot the SD with the image on it, so I am thinking the board is more or dead until I can get rid of that Radxa Rock Pi 4B.