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  1. Get a good power supply between 5.0V and 5.5V.
  2. Get a good MicroSD card
  3. If not, you’re going to waste a lot of time.

Board Hardware

Trying to find a good power supply for the ROC-RK3399-PC, but not sure where to start :-/
I need a power supply with a european plug. I can boot the board fine with a USB-A → USB-C cable plugged in my computer. I haven’t been able to successfully boot the board with the USB-C supplies I have here (2 >80W macBook chargers, and a ugreen 100W GAN charger). The board starts booting just fine, but some time during the boot, it turns off instead of turning on the HDMI screen and displaying log messages.

I can buy a new power adapter for the board, but I want to be sure it will work fine. Would a 28W RPi5 supply work? Or could it also have this problem of ‘interrupted’ boot? Any recommendations of a power supply with european plug would be very welcome !

What image are you using where the board is turning off with a PD power supply?

The dummy Pi 4 power supplies work since they don’t negotiate PD.

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I’ve been testing a generic aarch64 HomeAssistant image. It’s running a 6.1.63 kernel.
I’ll try an image from to see if I’m having the same issue.

Thanks for the suggestion! It is ok if the power supply only delivers 15W, which seems common for rpi4 power supplies? I was under the impression the Renegade Elite needs 30W?

Renegade Elite uses up to 15W. A 15W power supply is fine unless there are high current peripherals attached to either the board or mezzanine.

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Great to know! I only plan to attach a USB bluetooth (not even sure I need it), a zwave dongle, and possibly a zigbee one.I’ll most likely add an emmc. I don’t expect any of these to be high current, so I’ll go with a dumb 15W supply!

For what it’s worth, I tried again with the arm64 debian 12 image from and I’m getting a similar behaviour, I briefly see kernel boot logs on my hdmi screen, and then the board apparently reboots. With another power supply (most likely non-PD), the board boots fine.

Happy to confirm this power supply works so far, thanks for the suggestion!